A conservatory is a great investment for your home, and that extra bit of space can play host to all kinds of activities. Whether your conservatory is laying a little dormant at the moment, and seems to be more of a dumping ground than an extra room, or you are considering adding a brand new conservatory to expand your property, here are a few ways you can use this wonderful space.

Entertaining Dinner Guests

A conservatory is a great space to entertain guests in no matter what time of the year it is. A conservatory with all of the windows open in the midst of summer when you’re hosting a sizzling summer BBQ will create the perfect space for friends and family. Whether you use the room for laying out the food or setting up the table, a beautiful English summer is enough of a reason to spruce up your conservatory and put it to good use.

Not only can this room be used in the glorious summer, but the winter can turn your conservatory into a cosy seasonal sanctuary for dinner guests. Throw the blinds down, place a few candles around the room and lay the table – you will soon see this once summer house transformed for you and your guests to dine in.


This can be a great space for working on the next best-selling novel, day to day work or even the kid’s homework! The beauty of a conservatory is that it almost brings the outdoors in, which can be incredibly relaxing. Have your desk facing outwards so you can embrace the full effect of the natural light! Let the outdoors inspire you to allow your creative juices to flow freely. A conservatory can be the perfect place to concentrate because it allows you to shut yourself away from the rest of the household without confining you to a little room.

Growing Plants

Growing plants in a conservatory can be a fantastic way to bring the garden inside. Unfortunately British weather isn’t always so kind on our gardens and the sometimes erratic elements can mean that certain flowers and plants simply cannot grow in these condition. If you are a keen gardener, then a conservatory or orangery might be the perfect way to sooth your green fingers and enjoy your garden all year round!