Whether you’re having a brand new conservatory added to your home or you feel that your existing one needs a little bit of a spruce up, there are thousands of interior themes that will inspire you to create your own little conservatory haven! Here’s just a tiny selection:

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is absolutely huge at the moment! But who can blame anyone for not being able to resist those cute little floral teapots and all that gorgeous distressed wooden furniture? The trick to creating your own take on shabby chic is to stick with pastel colours like pink, yellow and green. Use off-white as a base colour to keep things looking bright and airy – after all, you want to complement the shed load of light that will be beaming into your corner of the house. Another key element to this theme are the accessories you use to add detail to your design. Things like big white jugs with wild flowers, fairy lights and lanterns spotted throughout the room will be what really makes this space your own.


A Greek themed conservatory can be a way of getting a taste of the beautiful country in your own home. What’s even better about this theme is that it is all about keeping it extra simple. Stick to glorious linen white with splashes of Santorini blue. Keep the accessories to a minimum but make sure they are statement pieces, such as large terracotta pots and oversized green plants. When it comes to choosing furniture, wicker or white washed wood are a perfect choice, and because they are both versatile, if you ever decide to redecorate, there will be no need to change the furniture in the future.


If you are into bright and bold colours with a warming atmosphere then a Turkish theme is the one for you! The idea behind this theme is layering and building up of material, cushions and throws making it extra cosy even in the winter. The summer will see your Turkish conservatory come alive with the sun shining and reflecting off of the beautiful array of traditional Turkish lanterns, mosaics and dishes. To really set off the theme, place a stunningly detailed Turkish shisha pipe as a centre piece for the table.