One of the many perks of having a conservatory is that you have an easier time of growing beautifully colourful tropical plants and flowers. There is an endless number of striking flowers that can healthily grow in you conservatory, but we thought we would pull out our particular favourites.


The Bougainvillea evergreen climber needs to be planted in a large container and ideally placed against the wall that you would like the plant to climb. This stunning flower will give any conservatory or garden a splash of vibrant colour. Between February and March increase the amount of water that you feed the plant in order to stimulate the growth as the temperatures and light exposure begins to increase. You will get the best bloom if you use nitrogen liquid feed and water regularly.

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis

Native to China, the tropical hibiscus is grown throughout the tropic world and can sometimes grow into a tree-like plant. The hibiscus plant can be grown in Britain indoors in a large pot, where it tends to be a little more delicate. Hibiscus’ can be grown in a variety of bright colours and are particularly magnificent when they are in full bloom. Be sure to increase buy viagra 25 watering as the light and temperature increase.

Strelitzia Reginae


Commonly known as Bird of Paradise, this evergreen perennial has the best growth and bloom in a large container in a humid environment. It can grow up to 1.5 metres and displays a gorgeously unique orange and blue flower. This plant needs regular watering during the spring and summer in order to maintain constant moisture in the soil.


Originating from the South of the USA, South America and West Indies, the Bromeliads are epiphytes that are commonly referred to as Air plants, or blushing bromeliad. These stunning plants are colourful for several months of the year and thrive in a warm conservatory. The compost needs to be kept moisturised in the summer and then only watered in when it dries out.

Neoregelia Carolinae F. Tricolor

Also known as Three-Coloured Blushing Bromeliad, this species is native to eastern Brazil. To keep this plant healthy, water needs to be kept in the central cup and changed on a regular basis in order to avoid bad odours and bacteria forming. If you decide to use fertiliser, it must not be fed too often and only in the growing season.