Instead of traditional conservatories, some companies are creating amazing and innovative glass extensions.

As the cost of moving house continues to rise, many homeowners look to create additional space in their existing home rather than buying a new property. And for many years, and for many people, installing a conservatory has been the perfect solution.

However, recent figures suggest that conservatories are falling out of fashion, with people instead choosing to create that extra space by converting the loft or building an extension. Basement conversions are also soaring in popularity, particularly in the London area.

A new approach

Despite this apparent trend, we at Caulfield Conservatories believe that the humble conservatory is alive and well. However, a new approach is needed to ensure that conservatories remain relevant to today’s modern homeowner.

With this in mind, alongside the more traditional style conservatory, we are employing pioneering design and modern glazing technology to create innovative and striking spaces that are more like glass extensions than standard conservatories.

With elements such as floor-to-ceiling glazing, bi-fold doors, sliding walls and retractable roof, a glass extension creates a light, airy space that offers unobstructed views of the garden. This kind of structure makes a bold design statement and is perfect for homeowners with a contemporary sense of style.

Some construction and design experts have blamed the ‘temporary’ feel of conservatories for their apparent decline in popularity, so this kind of glass ‘extension’ offers the perfect solution – providing quality and a sense of permanence that some conservatory designs lack.

Technological advances

One of the key things that has made these impressive glass structures possible is an advancement in glazing technology. Due to poor quality glazing, earlier conservatories often suffered from condensation and were boiling hot during sunny weather and freezing cold during the winter months, which meant that for a lot of the year they were virtually unusable.

Luckily, technology has improved significantly since then and homeowners can now install conservatories that are made from energy efficient glass with a thin reflective coating that helps to effectively control the temperature of the room, as well as reducing the build-up of condensation. The glazing used in a conservatory can even be tinted to cut down on glare and conserve privacy – or solar blinds can be used to provide automated and effective climate control. These advancements enable homeowners to enhance their property with a stunning glass extension without compromising on comfort.

Lots of options

With no need for planning permission, and a relatively low cost compared to building an extension, conservatories continue to offer a great practical solution to people looking to increase their living space.

And while a glass extension can be a great addition to your property, it may not be for everyone. When it comes to conservatories, there are lots of options out there and choosing a more traditional style doesn’t have to mean compromising on quality. There is a growing trend for conservatories to be a more integrated part of the home, providing a comfortable and practical extra room, and using quality materials such as oak, aluminium and glass can help to achieve this – whether you want the clean lines of a contemporary glass structure or the traditional elegance of an orangery.

Whatever style of conservatory you prefer, we have the skills and experience to help make your vision a reality.