Caulfield orangery
How an Orangery Is A Great Choice For All Styles Of Home

Whether you call them long term or ‘forever homes’, these are the places you will settle in, and they will likely grow and develop with you. That might mean something small like redecoration, a bigger project like a new kitchen, or as your family grows and needs change, an extension. Extending out the back of the house to create a ground floor extension like an orangery is a great way of creating extra space, and providing a luxury retreat where you can enjoy your winter garden from a cosy chair, or create a new family dining area.

400 Years Of Orangeries

If you think orangery sounds like a traditional word with some history attached, then you’d be right. The first orangeries were designed around 400 years ago, and they were originally used to protect citrus fruits from bitter winter frosts. The exotic theme continued with maritime explorers, who used the spaces to store exotic plants they brought back from their far flung travels. Grand houses in the 18th Century often had luxury orangeries as an addition to their home, and its then that they started to be used more for leisure.

What Is An Orangery?

Because of the technical processes and materials available at the time, early orangeries were built with a higher proportion of masonry to glass. Evolving production methods have meant that orangeries have evolved to be constructed using iron framework and slimmer lines. From the Victorian age onwards you will see more glass in the designs, but modern day orangeries are still thought of as extension with less glass compared to sun rooms or conservatories. One thing past and present construction has in common sildenafil purchase online though they all traditionally have a flat perimeter, partial glazing, and a lantern styled centre.

The Luxury Orangery

One of the advantages to choosing an orangery is that they are designed to be a seamless addition to your home, blending in to your house, and looking right at home in your garden. Choose a company with a reputation for high end orangery construction and you’ll have a range of design options, both inside and out, that will add a touch of luxury to your project. You could be choosing from colours, a range of high quality materials from the framework, floor coverings, number and type of windows and doors, to internal finishes and accessories.

The solid wall construction of orangeries may often feels more secure than full glass conservatories, and you’ll also enjoy the latest energy saving technology for windows and glass in the roofs. The roof will also provide plenty of light, while the walls will allow for cavity wall insulation – an added comfort all year round. You can also integrate bi-folding doors into your design, so you can open your home to the outside as much as you like. If it’s a little too warm in the summer this can be a useful design feature.

One of the key selling points is most orangery projects will come under permitted development, so you may not have to worry about planning permission as you consider all the stunning design options available.

There are countless different options for extensions to you home, but if you’re looking for something that uses the same materials as your home, and blends into your property, then maybe an orangery is the best luxury option for you.