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Solarlux bi folding doors can be crafted to any dimensions to perfectly complement the style and functionality of your new living space. In fact, bi fold doors can provide both enhanced light and access within either internal or external walls in even the most complex of conservatory structures.

The use of glass in architecture creates a unique relationship between an indoor environment and an outdoor living space. The beautiful bi folding glass doors from Solarlux can provide a stunning pathway into your conservatory from the rest of your home, or can be installed externally to provide you with access to your patio – the choice is entirely yours.

In the blissful summer months, bi folding doors can slide open effortlessly to bring you the ultimate in inside/outside ventolin inhaler living, yet as the nights begin to draw in and the weather becomes colder, you’ll still be free to enjoy your outdoor space from the comfort of your brand new warm, inviting and largely multi-functional room.

Bi-fold doors are the architectural way to achieve an indoor/outdoor lifestyle by allowing entire walls to simply fold away. Perfect for the changeable British climate, they offer real flexibility and a seamless flow between house and garden.

Solarlux invented the bi-folding door concept some 30 years ago. Unrivalled for quality, it is the chosen supplier of international architects and designers such as Sir Norman Foster and Daniel Libeskind. Their glass door systems help create a dissolution of boundaries between inside and outside.

Solarlux bi-folding doors

As a preferred partner of Solarlux, The Caulfield Conservatory Co works closely with its clients to apply the manufacturer’s praised design elements to their own vision. Combining these top quality products with our extensive experience in the conservatory field allows us to create stunning living spaces that not only improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home, but also prove to be a worthwhile investment due to the high quality construction and energy-saving properties of the materials used.

Solarlux bi folding doors are often praised for their unique space-saving features and it’s for this reason that they can be incorporated into even the most difficult of conservatory designs. Offering a distinctively contemporary means of access to your property, bi folding doors are the ideal solution for light-loving recreationalists, all the while offering the premium security and insulation features you’d expect from such a highly-regarded manufacturer.

Solarlux’s commitment to an exhaustive development process

As a brand that has won a series of prestigious awards for its designs, it comes as no surprise that Solarlux goes to great lengths to maintain its reputation as one of the world’s leading producers of bi fold doors. Each and every element of the sliding folding door’s design has been rigorously tested by the most respected industry institutes, ensuring that the safety and security of the product remains unmatched.

For more information about our range of Solarlux bi folding doors, please contact the team at The Caulfield Conservatory Co.

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