A shattered windowTop Tips To Protect Your Conservatory Against Burglars

Conservatories provide useful extra living space but can also be a target for would-be thieves. Putting key security measures in place can help to minimise the risks to your property

Conservatories can be a great addition to your home, offering additional living space and helping to increase the value of your property. However, they can be a target for burglars who view them as a means of gaining easy access to your home. The following security measures can greatly reduce the risk of break-ins, helping you to ensure that your house is safe and secure.

Quality Installation

First and foremost, make sure that you hire a qualified professional to fit and install your conservatory. A poor quality construction can make your conservatory a target for thieves, so choosing a reputable and experienced conservatory company is key. You should also make sure that your conservatory meets accredited security standards, such as the BS7950/7412 which covers security elements such as mechanical loading, human intervention and glazing security.

Window Locks

Windows are often a favourite (and too often, relatively easy) way for intruders to gain entry to your conservatory. To reduce the risk, make sure all windows have an effective, modern, high security locking system such as shoot locking – a mechanism that drives bolts into the receptors of the window frame. This kind of lock is incredibly difficult to break, acting as an effective deterrent to would-be thieves. It’s also important to ensure that your conservatory locks are compliant with the British Standards BS6375 and PAS24. Another measure you can take to improve the security of your windows is to install purpose-designed, force-resistant hinges, as well as ensuring that your window and door frames are made from quality material and are fitted correctly.

Window Beading

Window beading is another important security measure to consider for your conservatory. External beading alone is not sufficient as it can be fairly lorazepam online uk easily removed by intruders, so make sure that your conservatory windows also have internal beading. For an even higher level of protection, consider installing laminated safety on the inside pane of the sealed units.

Toughened Glass

The roof can often be the vulnerable point of a conservatory, potentially offering relatively easy access to would-be burglars. Minimise the risk by making sure that your glass roof is made from ultra-secure toughened glass. As well as providing an extra security measure, toughened glass will also help to protect your conservatory roof from the elements – and it’s also worth considering using for your conservatory windows as an added level of protection. Many Solarlux products include toughened glass – call us for more details.

Secure Doors

Securing your conservatory doors is vitally important in preventing break-ins, and a good quality locking system is essential. Bi-folding doors are becoming increasingly popular in conservatories, and combining these doors with a high quality multi-point locking system, along with an in-line tracking system, can make it virtually impossible for an intruder gain entry. As with the windows, ensure that any locks comply with the relevant British Standards.

Burglar Alarm

When it comes to security, your conservatory should be given the same considerations as the rest of your home. Many intruders break into conservatories in order to gain access to the rest of the house, so if your conservatory is an older model, make sure the internal door is kept locked when not in use.  Installing an additional house burglar alarm in your conservatory adds another level of protection – deterring intruders and giving you peace of mind.

Building a conservatory offers many advantages, and with these safety measures in place, you can sit back and enjoy your extra living space with full peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that the security of your home is not compromised.