Hot tub Jacuzzi in conservatory
Relax and Unwind Whenever and However You Like

A day at a spa is the perfect way to treat yourself – but with some help from us you can recreate that experience at home.

Finding the time to rest and relax is difficult, especially if you’re juggling all the demands of a career or a family. So when you do find yourself with a spare couple of hours to unwind, it’s important that you have a space in your home that’s your very own sanctuary. You might not have considered a conservatory as a place to set up a spa in your own home – but it’s a great option.

We All Need Some Time For Ourselves

It’s important to take time to relax regularly. We all lead busy lives, and without a little bit of me-time, it’s easy to feel burnt out and exhausted. There’s no place we feel more comfortable than at home, so why not pamper yourself there? When the kids are in bed, or you have a day off of work, just focus on yourself. With the addition of some bi-folding doors or a glass canopy, you can totally transform your home – and create an incredible space just for rest and relaxation.

A Space Just For You

The living space in a family home can quickly become crowded and cluttered. The solution? Create a space that’s just for you! A conservatory will let in lots of natural light, and interior bi-folding doors will separate your new sanctuary from the rest of your home without being obstructive. We’ll take the time to figure out exactly what you need so that you can look forward to filling your new room. How about a hot tub to have a soak in? Or some comfy recliners to sit back and relax on?

Enjoy Your Home Spa All Year Round

Reconnecting with nature is great for de-stressing, but the British weather doesn’t always make that possible. A Solarlux glass extension is a great compromise. You can open out the exterior bi-folding doors in summer, so you can lay back in your hot tub and make the most of the weather. As the year goes on and the temperature starts to drop though, you can still enjoy the views of your garden with the doors closed. Solarlux windows and doors have a sleek, simplistic design, so it really feels like there’s nothing between you and the great outdoors – even where they are closed.

Those Little Finishing Touches

When your new home spa is completed you can start to add those finishing touches. We’ve talked about a hot tub and some comfortable chairs – but what else do you need to recreate that spa experience? Well, unlike a spa you’d visit, you can fill this room with things that you love. Pick colours that soothe you, and add things like scented candles and an MP3 player dock so that you can listen to your favourite music. Then stock up on some bubble baths, massage oils and fluffy towels. You want everything you need to be in the room, so that once you set foot in it you don’t have to leave again until you’re ready.

Enjoy Your New Spa

The great thing about adding a conservatory to your home is that it’s in incredibly versatile space. You can open the doors in the summer, put your chair on the patio and sunbathe before hopping into your hot tub. In the winter, you can light some candles, curl up with your favourite book and still watch the world go by. If you do go ahead, one thing’s for sure – it’ll soon be your favourite room in the home.