Solarlux sliding wallA Feature That’s Both Beautiful and Functional

A Solarlux sliding wall will transform your conservatory into a light, contemporary space for the whole family.

One of the main reasons people add conservatories to their homes is to bring the outdoors in. They let in lots of natural light, maximise the view and best of all, you can feel connected with the great outdoors no matter the weather. If your conservatory is looking a little tired though, it may be time to give it a little bit of an overhaul. Stuck on how to transform the room? Well, we’re pretty sure that a Solarlux sliding wall could be the answer to your problems.

Letting In The Light

Needless to say, adding more windows to your home will bring in more light. Solarlux windows and bi-folding doors are great for creating a wall that lets all of that natural light pour into your home. Even if you have a north-facing garden, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how bright your room will be. Just don’t forget to switch on the air con if it gets a little too hot! If you don’t get too much light in your conservatory, a Solarlux sliding wall will really accentuate what sunlight is coming in, and will stop the room from feeling dark and cramped – whether the doors are closed or shut.

It Doesn’t Matter How You Use The Room

A wall of glass windows and doors work in any kind of conservatory. Perhaps you use yours purely for relaxing or indulging in a favourite hobby. Or maybe it’s a playroom for your children? Most families like to dine in their conservatory too – and a Solarlux wall is the perfect way to transform yours. Bi-folding doors mean that you can open up your kitchen to meet your patio and enjoy some al fresco dining, and the addition of a glass roof means that you’ll always feel like the room is part of the great outdoors – even if it is a little chilly or wet outside.

Making The Most Of The Weather

Thanks to the innovative design of their bi-folding doors, a Solarlux conservatory can be enjoyed by the entire family all through the year. When the weather is warm and you want to open up your conservatory to the great outdoors, you can fold back the sliding wall easily. When the doors are opened, they fold away so neatly and discreetly that they won’t block your view at all. The tracks are built into the floor as well, so everyone, wheelchair users included, can go between the garden and conservatory really easily. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, the doors are really quick and easy to put back into place – and thanks to that seamless design, they won’t ruin your view even when they are closed.

Why Choose Solarlux?

Solarlux came up with their revolutionary concept for bi-folding doors 30 years ago. Along with their other glass products, they’re made in Germany where a real emphasis is based on attractive, innovative design that lasts for years. They’ve been helping us to create incredible conservatories for some time, and our clients are very happy indeed. So if you want to break down some barriers in your property, invest in a Solarlux sliding wall to bring together your home and garden in style.