There is a lot to consider when designing your dream conservatory. Get it right, and the room can be a brilliant new addition to your home. We take a look at the key factors to consider when approaching the design stage.

Use of the Room

The key question is what the conservatory will be used for. Will it be a dining room or a sitting room, a study or perhaps even an extension of the kitchen? There are many different ways that you can use the great new space a conservatory provides. Once you have decided what the room will be used for, it will be easier to plan your design. You will know whether you are designing the layout around a dining table or sofa suite and have an idea of what sort of storage space you will require. Once this has been decided, you can move onto the next stage of your design.


Another key thing to consider. Again, the use of the room will dictate the best type of flooring. If it’s going to be a dining room, then perhaps a floor that’s easy to clean would be a good decision for young families. For a cosy sitting room, however, you may prefer carpets or rugs. If you have an idea of the interior design scheme you want, then this might inform your decision too – a terracotta tiled floor is great for a Mediterranean-style conservatory, for example!

Glass Type and Heat Control

There are more types of glass available for conservatories than ever before. Glass coating is especially popular, allowing you to moderate the temperature of your conservatory. These coatings keep the room cool in the summer and warmer in the winter, whilst preventing harmful rays penetrating the glass and making furniture fade.

Light Control

Light control is another design feature to think about. There is much to consider – see our handy blog post on lighting to get an idea. Blinds are a popular option – as well as the style of blinds, you will need to consider how these will be adjusted. Depending on the use and positioning of the room, there are many different options available.


There is a huge range of furniture available for a conservatory. Before considering which furniture to buy, you will need to think carefully about your requirements and layout. If you are designing a dining room, how much room do you have for a table? If it’s going to be a study, how much storage space will you need? If you are planning a sitting room, you will want to consider the layout of your seating areas. Many different materials are available – rattan is a popular and fashionable choice for conservatories and garden rooms.

Interior Design Style

Perhaps the most fun part of the design process! It’s good to have a theme in mind for your conservatory, as this can influence the other parts of your design. Have a look at our blog posts for inspiration. Perhaps you like the shabby chic look, with distressed furniture, chintz and pastel colours? Or perhaps you want to take inspiration from your travels, with a Greek or Turkish-style conservatory, featuring terracotta pots and stylish shutters? The possibilities are endless!

Intelligent Design

With intelligent design, any challenge can be met. A great example is this beautiful extension in the Yorkshire Dales, where clever design meant that an inconvenient road could be concealed by a wall, while windows still allowed light into the room. Anything is possible!