Temperature Control Solutions For Your Conservatory Extension

Worried about how you’re going to keep cool in a conservatory extension? Invest in quality glazing to ensure comfort in your new living space.

Conservatories are big business in the UK as many homeowners look to build them as an extension to add more living space to the downstairs of their homes. This is a favourable approach in comparison to the considerable expense and upheaval of moving to a new house which comes with estate agent fees, legal costs, surveys, stamp duty and removals.

Recent research suggests that the cost of an average conservatory extension is anything from £6,000 to £20,000 depending on various factors such as the size and the materials used. Yet, what many homeowners don’t take into account when they’re opting for a conservatory is that the extension needs to be built correctly using quality materials in order to be enjoyed all year round.

Common Problems With Conservatories

Conservatory extensions originally became popular during the 1980s, but as they were commonly made with cheap uPVC materials, homeowners found the extra living space to be impractical. The extension would be absolutely freezing during the winter months, but boiling hot during the summer. Cold environments can be easily improved with some underfloor or storage heaters, but it is the warmer climate that is more difficult to escape.

Greenhouse Effect

Due to the nature of conservatories being built from glass, the sun’s rays penetrate the room but then get trapped. In hot weather, a conservatory can warm up rapidly and can feel like an oven. This creates an environment that is uncomfortable to spend time in even with the doors open on a hot summer’s day. Homeowners who had dreamt of spending their afternoons lounging around on their conservatory purchase ambien no prescription sofa reading a book, watching TV or enjoying a gentle nap find it more pleasant to either venture into a cooler room in the house, or simply go outside into the garden at a time where the sun is at its strongest.

Options For Proofing Your Conservatory

Conservatory blinds are essential for making your extra living space a pleasant place to spend time in. They can stop some of the light from getting into the room and will also help with preventing discolouration to paintwork, flooring and furniture. Air-conditioning units are also a great idea to help you keep cool in the intense summer heat. There are a large variety on the market and you can choose in-built or portable to suit your budget and requirements.

However, by far the best way of ensuring that your conservatory can be used all-year round, is to build it using Solarlux glazing. There’s only so much that accessories such as blinds and air-con can achieve if they’re battling against ineffective building materials. By constructing your conservatory using quality glazing, this will help to reduce the strength of the sun, which not only keeps the heat out, but also removes a lot of the glare from the room. You’ll be able to see your laptop and TV screens clearly and read the paper without squinting. By using Solarlux glazing you can ensure that your conservatory becomes that extra living space that you had craved for your home, rather than just becoming an unusable walkway that gathers dust as you move to and from the garden.

To find out more about how we can build a contemporary Solarlux extension for you, perhaps using bi-fold doors or creating an orangery, then get in touch today for a quote.