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Longing for perfection

Caulfield Conservatories

Natural stone excavated at great effort and expense from the world’s quarries

Caulfield Conservatories

Specialists in patented

Caulfield Conservatories

Founded in 1968, Draenert export
to more than 50 countries

Caulfield Conservatories

Draenert furniture is featured in
many international museums

Caulfield Conservatories

Designed by famous architects for the renowned
art collection


From humble beginnings to renowned furniture innovation, Draenert was founded on the banks of the beautiful Lake Constance by Dr Peter Draenert. Every element of their furniture is made by them and represents their passion in the product.

Their own ‘Stone Park’ holds gems of creation in over 200 different types of stone including marble, limestone, travertine, quartzite and granite.

An interaction of basic furniture and art, each high quality design piece adapts perfectly to the individual requirements and lifestyles of their users, while reflecting an international, classical modern design.

Caulfield Conservatories

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