Gallery3Turning a Barn Into an Incredible Home

Barn conversions are a hugely attractive option for buyers, as they offer so much in terms of modern style, location and period charm.

The British countryside is full of some incredible buildings, and barn conversions are a popular choice for buyers. Spacious but still full of character, they’re the perfect blend of old and new. So if you’re planning to move to the country, what are the benefits of a barn conversion? If you’ve just moved into one of your own, how do you further enhance the space that you have?

What Makes Them So Attractive?

It’s easy to see why a barn conversion is the perfect choice for someone relocating to the countryside. A downside of many older properties is that the rooms are small, the ceilings too low. That’s what sets a barn conversion apart. They offer all the period charm of an older property, but thanks to their high ceilings and plenty of floor space, they have all the room for the open-plan living that modern families want. Thanks to their farmland locations, they’re also set in incredible surroundings – ideal for those who want their very own rural idyll.

From A Barn To A Home

Decorating and refurbishing a barn can be a big task, both financially and emotionally. It’s for that reason that some buyers opt for barns that have already been converted into homes. Some though, relish the challenge a total refurbishment brings. Whatever you choose to do, there are a number of ways you can put your own stamp on your new home.

Firstly, you’ll want to ensure than any work that you carry out accentuates the property’s space. Some barns are turned into conventional homes, which can make them feel cramped and oppressive. Remember, a barn isn’t a conventional space – and trying to turn it into one will only end badly. An open-plan layout or mezzanine floor will make the most of your home’s high ceilings, while keeping period features like beams will stop it from feeling too clinical and cavernous.

There is plenty of inspiration out there, and looking at someone else’s barn will give you some ideas about what could work for yours.

Make The Most Of Your Outside Space Too

We’ve talked a little about location already – and you should definitely make the most out of your view. Large windows will not only bring the great outdoors in, but they’ll maximise the amount of natural light coming into your home.

If you want additional living space, a bespoke conservatory is a great option too. Some homeowners go for a contrasting, modern style, while others prefer ones that are more in keeping with their barn conversion’s period features. Whatever you choose, make sure it blends seamlessly into your interior space by decorating it in similar colours and putting in bi-folding doors than can be opened out. By installing a conservatory or floor to ceiling glass windows, you’ll be able to enjoy the surrounding scenery all year round – no matter what surprises the great British weather has in store!

We’re Here To Help

Barn conversions offer buyers the best of old and new, and are found in some of the most picturesque locations in the countryside. It’s for these reasons that barn conversions continue to be incredibly popular – and we’d be more than happy to help you turn one into the home of your dreams by creating a wall of light or conservatory to extend property further. Get in touch with us today, and start to look forward to enjoying the summer in some truly stunning surroundings.