Closed glass veranderIt’s well known that conservatories are a great way of adding a new dimension to your home, but there are other options if space, aesthetics and preferences dictate. A veranda is another way of adding space and providing a way of enjoying your garden all year round.

Defining a veranda

A veranda can be a basic roof structure open to the elements or a fully enclosed type that veers towards conservatory territory. There are basically two types:

Open veranda – the type you might think of when considering colonial properties or cricket pavilions. A roof protrudes from the house or other structure and may be supported by columns or pillars.

Closed veranda – enclosed from the elements often by glass similar to conservatories; alternatively, removable or sliding panels can be used.

The Role Of Covered Outdoor Spaces

In general terms, an outside space like a veranda means you can benefit completely or in part from the comforts of indoor living whilst being ‘connected’ to the outside. Some use different terminology to describe them, so you may hear terms such as ‘porch,’ ‘logia’ or ‘living porch’.

Basically, verandas are part indoor and outdoor spaces designed as part of the main building – even if they are added to the structure at a later date they’ll usually appear integral to the main building. This is distinct from a structure that is totally separate from the main property.

Establishing Your Needs

Verandas can be flexible relative to your needs. Perhaps you just want somewhere to sit outside when the temperatures rise? If so, a simple open structure would be adequate. Maybe you wish to enjoy your garden more often? If so, a closed type would be more appropriate to enable you to spend more time ‘outside’ and its potential could be enhanced with efficient heating.

You’d have to think carefully about the following:

Open or Closed?

Clearly your choice will be influenced by your requirements as discussed above. Closed types such as glass verandas offer more scope for year round use but you may feel an open type is all you need.

It’s worth pointing out that with the advances of design, glass and heating technology a closed type can become a viable extra living space adding a significant extra dimension to your property. It’s a great way of making more of the garden too as you can enjoy it even when the temperatures fall.

Depending on the garden layout, it’s a great way of letting it extend towards your home and be a feature you can enjoy year round. Some tasteful exterior lighting means you can look out at your carefully tended garden from the comfort of a heated glass veranda.