The days are gone where your conservatory was strictly reserved for use on warm and sunny days. New heat efficient materials and effective heating and ventilation systems have allowed conservatories to be enjoyed all year-round – they are now an integrated feature of your home, not just a ‘fair weather’ add-on.

Winter Wonders

With the right conservatory design, using it in winter can be a very pleasant experience. If you combine this with flowering winter plants in your garden, then your conservatory might even be a favourite place to be even in those colder months.

Of course, a conservatory built to stand up to winter temperatures and conditions is important. One such maker with an excellent reputation for all-weather conservatories is German manufacturer Solarlux.

With a wide range of designs to complement all types of property, including roof pitches from 5 to 45 degrees, and a wide range of colours and finishes, Solarlux conservatories can easily become wonderful day-rooms all year round.

A key feature is the high quality thermal insulation system. Effective ventilation through well-designed skylights, fans and optional automated controls means the glass won’t mist easily when heated from cold, and Solarlux are very much geared towards winter enjoyment of the conservatory with their ‘winter gardens’ design.

What is Wintergarden?

It’s a Solarlux conservatory design where the structure almost becomes part of the garden. Large, uninterrupted panes of glass look out onto close proximity gardens. The large glass area gives the feeling of being ‘at one’ with the outside and garden, but the conservatory is always comfortable to be in due to its efficient heat insulation and protection from all the elements.

It is not just cold temperatures that can be handled. Solarlux is also impact resistant against flying branches and stones, so winter gales won’t be a problem; the materials are also tested to hurricane force wind speeds.

Winter Warmer

If you combine a Solarlux wintergarden conservatory with an efficient heating system, such as underfloor heating, then you’ll have a superb year-round living area. Your garden can be enjoyed through the winter from a comfortable and warm vantage point.

Your All-year Round Garden

You’ll naturally want to make your garden as attractive and interesting as possible all year round once you install a conservatory that enables you to enjoy it.

To provide interest and colour all year round, it’s important to plan what you’ll plant so there is some colour ideally spread around the garden. Spread the winter flowers around different areas of the garden – and try and have some nearer to your Solarlux winter garden so as to get the most benefit from the cheerful colours in the cold and darker months.

Do this right, and you’ll have colour evenly spread through your garden all year round so there will be plenty to enjoy from your cosy and warm conservatory.