When the sun’s out your conservatory can easily become over-heated. Follow our top tips to keep your conservatory cool and comfortable this summer.

Top Tips for Cooling Down your Conservatory

When the sun comes out, a conservatory comes into its own, offering a cool sanctuary from which you can enjoy the warm weather. But if you’re not careful, your conservatory can turn into a greenhouse which is clammy rather than cooling – conservatories are notorious for being too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter. We share our top tips for keeping your favourite room cool this summer.


Many people opt for blinds in their conservatory, which serve the dual function of keeping the room cool whilst also looking stylish. By shielding the room from the glare of the sun, blinds cool a room down significantly, while also helping to keep heat in during the winter months.

Blinds are available in a selection of styles to suit a range of budgets, and are perhaps one of the simplest ways to keep your conservatory cool. High-street stores like Dunelm Mill carry a huge range of blinds. Try mahogany shutters for a safari-style vibe, or chose bright, printed blinds for a more modern look.

Open The Windows!

This might sound obvious, but it is important to open your conservatory windows to keep the air flowing through the room. The same goes for doors – keep them open where possible. This will allow air to circulate effectively and, when used in conjunction with blinds, this method can be very effective at keeping the room cool and airy.

However, don’t forget to close and lock all windows and doors buy xanax united states before leaving the house! Unfortunately summer sees a surge in burglary, as thieves take advantage of open windows and back doors.

Cooling Film

Several companies offer ‘cooling film’ for conservatories – this cooling technique has been described as the equivalent of putting a pair of sunglasses on the glass! The cooling film is an adhesive layer which is fixed to the glass.

It works by reflecting around 80% of the sun’s heat away from the room. This keeps the room cool, but crucially also prevents harmful UV rays from damaging skin. It also has the advantage of preventing soft furnishings from fading in the sunlight.

Air Conditioning

This is perhaps the most effective way of keeping a conservatory cool, but it is also one of the more expensive solutions.

An air conditioning unit can cost around £1,000 to install, but will mean that you can control the temperature of the room quickly and effectively. Some units offer heating as well as cooling, which mean the unit can be used throughout the winter too. So even if the great British summer fails to materialise, then the unit won’t go to waste!

Design It Cool

Cool, pastel colours on the wall can make a difference, making a room feel light and airy. Also use plants to create a calming conservatory atmosphere – this will also help to bring the outside indoors, meaning that you can enjoy nature without sitting in the sun. Furniture in natural materials such as bamboo or rattan will also ensure that your room is a cool and calming haven of relaxation.