A conservatory is a fantastic addition to any home. It can be used for entertaining guests at a dinner party, a room for the kids to play, or simply a place to snuggle down with your favourite book. Whatever you use your conservatory for, you definitely do not want to lose this wonderful space in the winter months just because of the cold!

Get Blinds Fitted

Although blinds can sometimes be a little pricey, having conservatory blinds fitted can make a huge difference in the temperature. Properly fitted blinds will prevent the heat from escaping so easily, and add a really nice cosy feel to the room. Choose warming colours like burnt oranges and purples that will enhance the warmth in the room once the blinds are down. Most of the heat will escape through the roof, so if you cannot afford to get the entire conservatory fitted, then the best idea is to go for roof blinds.

Electric Heaters

Portable electric heaters are a great idea if you would like to warm up the room quickly. They can be a little expensive to run but if you have the blinds installed then the heater will not have to be on for long before the whole ultram online legal conservatory is nice and toasty!

Candles, throws and cushions

Accessories such as these do not only create a cosier atmosphere, but will give your conservatory personality. Investing in a few throws and cushions will allow you still relax in the room whilst it is warming up, and who can resist snuggling into a blanket?

Scented candles will create a beautiful aroma in your conservatory and the flickering candle light will ensure that there is a relaxing ambience that you just won’t be able to come away from.

The Floors

The material of the flooring will make a huge difference in the warmth of your conservatory. Tiles are a particularly popular choice which will add to the cold feel of the room. Now, we are not suggesting changing the flooring as the nights draw in – tiles are wonderful in the summer months, but it may be good to think about laying down a rug for when it gets cold, then bring it back up again in the summer. This way you get the best of both worlds.

If you are suffering from a cold conservatory, make sure you try all of these tips and tricks. You’ll soon be experiencing a cosy winter haven!