Turning your conservatory into a kitchen

Instead of a traditional conservatory, why not consider using a conservatory as a kitchen extension?

Most families will know that the kitchen is the heart of a home. This is especially true of a large kitchen: it’s where dinners are prepared, where families come together to eat, where homework is done at the table and where special occasions are celebrated with friends and family. Whilst not everyone may have a kitchen that is big enough for all of these activities, this is something that can be achieved with a conservatory kitchen extension. There are two real options here: either extending an existing kitchen, or designing an entirely new kitchen space.

Extending the existing kitchen

It is possible to extend an existing kitchen, perhaps adding a dining or seating area to the back of the house by opening the external wall. This is a cheaper option, as it means the existing kitchen units and fittings can be preserved. The advantages of this option are creating a dining area with a view over the garden, and freeing up an existing dining room for other uses. It can be lovely to dine overlooking the garden, also creating a great space for Mediterranean-style entertaining.

Designing a new kitchen space

Another option is to design a completely new kitchen space. This will help you to make the most of the increased space, and allow you to design the kitchen to fit your lifestyle. You could opt for a central island unit incorporating a sink or hob, and fit units along the joining wall. You can also create a large space for a dining table and chairs, and perhaps you might buy zolpidem no prescription needed even have space to introduce a sofa zone with a TV. This will make the area work for family living, allowing you to cook dinner and entertain whilst children do their homework or watch the TV.

How to design your new kitchen

When planning the layout of your extension, it’s always a good idea to make the most of the view: large windows overlooking the garden will invite the outdoors inside, whilst also providing light. Bi-folding doors are currently popular for extensions, allowing you to open the room right up to the garden in the summer months. This will enable you to make the most of outdoor living when the sun’s out, also creating a great space for entertaining.


When planning your layout, think about the position of the kitchen in relation to the windows: it’s nice to look out into the garden whilst washing up, for example, so you may want to create a sink with a view!  A stylish dining table will make a great focal point and central hub for the kitchen. Kitchen designers also advise that you keep the ‘kitchen triangle’ in mind: this is the route between the sink, the stove and the fridge. The idea is that these are the three most-used points of the kitchen, so the route between these three spaces should ideally be a triangle, for ease of access.

As ever, the internet provides a huge amount of inspiration that you can draw from when designing your new kitchen. Pinterest is perhaps one of the best websites to use for interior design ideas; try searching terms such as ‘conservatory’ or ‘kitchen design’. Be adventurous and build a kitchen conservatory