Open plan livingChoose Solarlux For Open Plan Living With Style

Open plan living is becoming more and more popular. Solarlux products offer fantastic thermal insulation, allowing you to enjoy this way of life all year round.

With fewer and fewer people moving home, buying property has become increasingly difficult over the last few months. This has led to an increase in homeowners choosing to refurbish, revamp and redo their existing properties in order to get the extra space that they need.

Naturally, when it comes to creating more space, one of the first options that springs to mind is the addition of a conservatory. While add on conservatories are fantastic additions to many homes, they are not suitable for every property. Thankfully, there is another way for you to get more space and still enjoy the brightness and airy feeling that an add on conservatory brings to a home –  enter, open plan living with Solarlux.

What Is Open Plan Living?

Open plan living is the process of creating larger living spaces that incorporate numerous rooms, such as the kitchen, dining and living areas. Extremely popular in Scandinavian countries, open plan living brings a brightness to a home and adds to the feeling of spaciousness without necessarily changing the dimensions of the building.

However, families are not restricted to sticking with the original size of their properties either. Thanks to new ways of building extensions and the improvements in glazing materials such as the range from Solarlux, open plan living can expand the floor space and give homeowners the peace of mind that the openness will not affect the energy efficiency of the home – a problem that was prevalent in large rooms in the past.

Scandinavian Style And Synergy

Opting for a Solarlux extension adds another important element to a property that has long been a fixture in many Scandinavian homes and that is the synergy between indoors and out. The seamless transition between garden, patio and living area makes for a very attractive ‘barn-style’ extension, which again adds to the feeling of space and light.

Couple this open space feel with some mid-century furniture and a bright and vibrant colour scheme and you will be able to enjoy Scandinavian style right here in the United Kingdom all year round.

Why Choose Solarlux?

Solarlux have been creating award winning glazing options for over 30-years and their rigorous research and development process has led to them producing some of the finest glazing products in the world. Based in Bissendorf, near Osnabrück in Lower Saxony, Germany, this internationally renowned company has taken glazing design to the next level.

Solarlux products are made exclusively from the highest grade materials available, all built to create the optimal living experience without sacrificing a property’s individuality. All of their products have fantastic heat insulation, too, and the tailor-made solutions that they offer mean that you and your family can enjoy your open plan living space regardless of what the weather is doing outside.

Celebrated architects like Sir Norman Foster, Hermann Hertzberger and Daniel Libeskind all include Solarlux products into their designs such is the company’s ability to deliver the quality products that stand the test of time. Endorsements such as these do not happen by accident; they are proof that when you purchase Solarlux products you are getting the best that Germany, and indeed the world, has to offer.