Tulips and garden lawn in springThe Joys Of Welcoming Spring Into Your Home

Embrace the change in seasons by opening up your house to spring. Add fresh scents into your home and throw open your doors to the nature in your garden.

Now that we’ve had a few warmer days, we can say that spring is officially here. The change of season from winter to spring has many benefits. The extended hours of daylight can boost mood, energy and mental wellbeing. Pleasant spring weather and the renewal of nature inspire us to throw open our doors and let our inside living space merge into our outdoor gardens.

Spring Cleaning

Many types of religion have practised the art of spring-cleaning since ancient times. Although the reasons for doing so differ between the Jewish, Catholic and Greek Orthodox beliefs, the theory is that you should thoroughly shake out your house with the arrival of spring. Begin by opening your windows to let out the stale air and dust that has gathered over the winter months. You can add beautiful seasonal fragrances to your home such as the scents of freshly cut flowers and sweet essential oils such as lemon or lavender. Some households take the opportunity to freshen the look of their interior by switching the theme of their curtains and throw cushions from the reds and greys of winter to the floral pastels of spring.

Decorate Your Windows

The decoration of window boxes on the exterior of your house allow you to enjoy being a gardener regardless of the size of your outdoor space. Flowers such as small patio roses, buddleia and heather all smell delightful and attract butterflies. Make sure your box contains drainage holes which are covered with stones to allow the water to run freely. Attempt to water the window boxes every day during the summer to keep your display blooming.

Extend Your Living Space

Spring is an excellent time to fling open your bi folding doors relax in your luxury sofa and enjoy the fresh air of spring while staying in the warmth and comfort of your home.

As the weather warms up you can place your table and chairs on the patio or wooden decking and create a cosy family living space from which to relish long meals and conversation away from the distractions of the TV or household chores. Garden furniture needn’t be uncomfortable – make sure you invest in snug cushions and seat-pads or even a rattan sofa set. You might even go the whole hog and purchase a hot tub to fully appreciate your outdoor living experience.

Edible Garden

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to look at your flowerbeds and decide what to grow this year. Edible landscaping is very much on trend at the moment. Get creative with your vegetable garden design and plant seeds based on the colours as well as the flavours that they provide. Strawberry plants are an excellent choice as they offer luscious ripe fruit as well as their vibrant colouring. Cooks will be pleased to hear that they should be able to grow an entire salad from their flowerbeds with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, beans, broccoli and herbs all making perfect candidates for spring planters. Petals from edible flowers such as nasturtiums and violas can also be tossed into a salad for an attractive dish.

Spring is an excellent time to enhance and declutter the interior of your home whilst embracing the joys of nature outdoors.  Make the most of the change in seasons, they come around so quickly.