Haus am See / Architektur: Karin Oggesen, Berlin / SOLARLUX Aluminium Systeme GmbH, OsnabrückWhether you are having a conservatory or wall of light added to a room, it can be challenging to decide whether to have sliding or bi-folding doors. Both types of door have their pros and cons. Here we run through some important features of each, which should help you to make a decision.

Sliding Doors

One of the main limitations of sliding doors is that they do not open as wide as bi-folding doors, which means you won’t be able to integrate your interior with your garden to the same extent.

Both types of doors are suitable for blinds and curtains, although it is important to bear in mind that it can be slightly more difficult to open and close sliding doors with heavy blinds and curtains.

Bi-folding Doors Can Help You Integrate Your Home And Garden

With bi-folding doors, you can invite your garden into your home, or vice versa, because you’ll be able to create a new living space that combines your interior and exterior.

This can be particularly advantageous for homeowners who have very small gardens or patios, or those with small kitchens or dining rooms who want to make the most of a warm evening by expanding their dining area into the outdoors.

Bi-folding Doors – The Perfect Companion For Social Occasions

Bi-folding doors are ideal for big summer parties where there is a need to maximise social space and limit obstructions. Thus, they can give you a more flexible living environment and allow you to make the most of your space, indoors and outdoors.

However, don’t forget that it can take longer to close a bi-folding door, which can be a minor issue when the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Still, in sunny weather, and assuming your garden is in the right position at the right time of day, you could put up a sunlounger inside and sunbathe without having to set foot in your garden.

Sliding Doors Have More Glass

Sliding doors do not require as much framework as bi-folding doors, which means you’ll be able to choose larger glass panes and allow more light in your home. Thus, when closed, sliding doors may appear less intrusive, because with minimal framework you will have a better view of your garden during the colder months, when you probably won’t be inclined to keep your doors open too often.

Bi-folding Doors May Be More Invasive

When fully opened, bi-folding doors may also be invasive, although it is possible to minimise this issue by aligning them next to a wall, if possible. Of course, you can open them outwards should you wish to, although this would take up some of your garden space. Because they don’t open outwards, sliding doors can still help you to save space, as they perform the same function as bi-folding doors but can be opened and closed along a track.

Sliding Doors – More Energy Efficient?

Sliding doors that contain composite gaskets can also provide superior insulation for your home, which can help you reduce your energy costs and cut down on your bills. However, don’t forget that both sliding and bi-folding doors are now manufactured to a much higher standard than in the past. This is thanks to the significant improvements in design quality and the increasing demand for more practical, aesthetically pleasing home and garden products that cater to today’s lifestyles.