The Innovation Of The Sliding Window Is To Be Awarded In Munich

They’re at it again. This is the second prestigious award won by Solarlux in the space of 12 months. Their sliding window design has proved to be a success, and recognised by many for it’s innovative design.


Solarlux will be presented with the ICONIC AWARD on October 5th, during the Expo Real trade fair in Munich. It’s a great honour as the prize is considered to be one of the most renowned in the architectural field. To win the prize you must be selected by a jury consisting of experts in architecture, interior design, and design and brand communication.

Each year this type of prize is awarded to those who stand out by demonstrating visionary architecture and innovative products from all branches of the real estate, construction and manufacturing industries. The ICONIC AWARD is aimed at those who demonstrate innovative, outstanding design and it seems Solarlux’s ‘Cero’ window has turned a few heads.

The ‘Cero’ Window

“Inside outside” is how Solarlux describe the Cero window, and this is the exact same philosophy that’s inspired the company for the last 30 years.

Solarlux’s managing director, Stefan Holtgreife, stated that: “Our windows and façades connect the indoors with outdoors, and allow these to merge together as one – Cero was born from this very idea, and takes it to a whole new level.”

Being recognised as the best of the best is very fitting when you consider the philosophy of the Cero window. Not only does it function at a high level, it’s buy ambien online legally equally as remarkable in terms of aesthetics. It’s slim frames surround extensive glass panels; never before has a closed window felt more open, and even the edges are kept in an all-glass look to maintain the window’s elegant design.

While the Cero window is aesthetically brilliant, its greatest attributes are its features. It allows for larger-scales window façades of up to 15 metres, whilst maintaining the elegance and thin design of a smaller window. This is demonstrated by the way it opens and closes easily with minimal noise, and the choice doing so manually or by motor.

The Cero window’s transparency can even be seen in its manufacturing, which corresponds to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001. This stipulates that during production there should be continual reduction of the impact it has on the environment. Of course, the design has to take different climate zones into account, meaning that a version of the window is available without insulation is available – and with double or triple glazing.

The ICONIC AWARD’s recognition of the Cero window has shed some light on the advances and innovative designs of not only Solarlux, but of the architectural field as a whole. This type of design is what many consider to be a look into the future of architecture. Its elegant style is easy on the eyes, and advanced features are sure to make it a welcomed addition to any building. On October 5th, Munich will play host to the Expo real trade fair where Solarlux will be presented with their prestigious award.