Caulfield conservatory furnitureDesign Your Conservatory Around Our Stylish Furniture Range

You have a brand new conservatory, but now need to decorate it. Why not take a look at our new furniture range for inspiration?

Once you have a brand new conservatory, your attention will turn to decorating it. Before you start to plan your design ideas, however, it is wise to think about the key pieces of furniture that your room will be filled with, as this will inform your plans for decor and room layout. This post will offer some inspiration in the form of our stylish new furniture range, which features a range of striking pieces that combine cutting-edge style with practical functionality.

Perhaps the key piece of furniture in any new conservatory is a dining table. This is where your family will come together, where dinner parties will be held, where you will celebrate Christmas and perhaps even where you will work or study. As the dining table is often so central to family life, it is worth investing in a piece that will endure, while also being comfortable, practical and stylish.

Asco-Mobel are an award-winning company who produce striking asymmetric furniture. Founded in 1998, this design-led company offer a range of tables and chairs that will act as an eye-catching centrepiece in any space. Made using sustainable materials, their range of geometric chairs and benches perfectly compliment their striking and unusual dining tables, which are made with a sleek combination of woods and metals. This high-end design ethos does not compromise on function however, as this range of furniture is immensely practical, offering a large selection of tables which can be adjusted in shape and size to suit generic valium online pharmacy your needs. This sort of furniture would work especially well in a conservatory with a contemporary feel.

If you are more into classic style, however, then why not consider our Draenert range? This unique brand of stone furniture was founded on the banks of Lake Constance by Dr Peter Draenert. Featuring furniture crafted from an exclusive range of stone including marble, limestone, travertine, quartzite and granite, these are for more than pieces of furniture – they are pieces of art. From marble tabletops and stair cases, to their striking stone stools, these pieces are classic and timeless, while being neutral enough to work with many design ideas.

In a larger conservatory you might also be considering a seating area. Perhaps you want a sofa where your guests can relax, or an area where you can sit and admire your garden views? If so, then take a look at our range of sofas from prestigious German designers Rolf Benz. This company combines classic style with modern engineering in order to produce comfortable, stylish and practical seating solutions. Their range of sofas come in buttery soft leathers, with a complimentary range of footstools. For a more indulgent style, why not consider a chaise lounge? One particular design in a striking mustard leather would be the perfect place to relax with a coffee while admiring your new conservatory!

Once you have an idea of what pieces of furniture you plan to purchase, the rest of your conservatory design will follow. Remember, you can always redecorate a conservatory, but a classic piece of furniture will last forever – so it’s worth investing in something special for your new space.