As summer comes around, a conservatory can be the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine. But what is the right furniture for your conservatory? As well as finding the perfect style, design and colour scheme, it is important to consider practical factors such as fading and weather resistance. Can your furniture can withstand the elements?

Your conservatory will see greater temperatures and sun exposure than other parts of your house, and many types of furniture will be affected by this. You want to find furniture that will not overheat and become uncomfortable, and will not fade in near constant sunlight.

Material Choices

Metal furniture is the traditional choice, stylish, durable and able to be utilised in many different design options. However, metal furniture can overheat in the sun. Cushions can aid with this, as can keeping the furniture in shaded areas. Metal is often painted white to help reflect some of the heat.

A logical and popular choice is cane, there is a large variety of cane furniture available in many styles and designs and most are weather resistant. As well as being the perfect material for your conservatory, cane furniture has the added benefit of being perfect for inside and out so you can move your seating into your garden and enjoy the summer.

Another wicker based furniture choice that is seeing a huge rise in popularity is rattan, which shares the benefits of cane. Rattan is a style choice that has become a favourite for those looking to furnish their conservatory.

Wicker furniture has a light, airy feel that makes it perfect for high ventolin inhaler max dose temperature settings. The natural look of wicker furniture make it an excellent base for the interior design of your conservatory, bringing that outside feel, inside.

Once your wicker chairs and sofas are chosen, you are then opened up to a large choice of cushions to ensure that your conservatory design is personal and unique to you.

Bamboo and metal combined furniture is an excellent choice for those looking to buck the trend a little. Sturdy, weather proof and less likely to overheat and cause issue than pure metal furniture, there are many unique styles of seating, benches, cupboards and tables that utilise this combination of material.

How Do You Plan To Use Your Conservatory?

A unique part of your conservatory is that there is no set idea for how it should be used. A wicker dining table and chairs set can be a stunning centrepiece, but if you are unlikely to use your conservatory for dining, then there are many more laid back options.

Rattan and cane sofas come in many different styles and are perfect for patio or conservatory, meaning your conservatory furniture can double up as garden furniture.

Explore All Of Your Options

When you have decided on material that will not overheat or discolour, then you can take time to work out the perfect design choice for you.

Subtle floral designs or light, summery colours are the two most popular choices but the possibilities are endless.

With the right furniture, your conservatory gives you the chance to express yourself and create a stunning room that you and your family can enjoy the whole year round.