The largest Solarlux flagship showroom in the UK will be opening in Wilmslow, Cheshire in April.

After months of planning and preparation, we are delighted to announce that the Caulfield Company/Solarlux flagship showroom, located in the Wilmslow Garden Centre, Cheshire, will open its doors to the public in late September.

What can you expect from our Solarlux showroom?

We believe living under glass brings freedom, flexibility, light and colour to your home experience, and our new showroom reflects our passion for bringing the outside into your space.

The soon-to-open Solarlux showroom will be the largest in the country and will boast over 5000 sq. feet of display space, which will include three different glass rooms.

The showroom, which has benefited from a £350k investment package, will be designed to showcase innovative new products from the brand. Visitors will be able to view seven different types of bi-folding doors which allow for a seamless transition between inside and outside, and come complete with sound insulation, sun protection and self-cleaning features. Guests will also enjoy casting their eyes over the Solarlux Cero passive house sliding doors, which boast 34mm vertical meeting frames. The CoeLux natural light skylight will be yet another demonstrable example of how Solarlux can assist homeowners in creating functional, usable spaces that are fully tailored to your individual needs.

Come and see for yourself

The Caulfield Company extends a warm invitation to all homeowners interested in learning more about the exceptional range of products now available from Solarlux. The launch of this new venture represents our continued and much-treasured partnership with the renowned German manufacturer and embodies the next steps we are taking as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of conservatory design products.

The showroom’s official opening date will be released on our website next month.

For more information on the new Solarlux showroom, or to learn more about any of our Solarlux products, please don’t hesitate to contact the Caulfield team.