Complement your home with a luxury conservatory

From traditional orangeries to modern, glass structures, there is a conservatory out there to suit your home and your style.

Installing a conservatory is one of the most popular UK home improvement projects, providing valuable extra living space and enabling home owners to enjoy their garden all year round.

Despite this, some homeowners are wary of purchasing a conservatory, put off by the ubiquitous ‘glass boxes’ that were so popular in the 1970s and 80s. You may not think that a conservatory is for you, but today’s conservatories come in so many different styles that it’s easy to find a stylish and tasteful structure that suits your taste and home.

Traditional conservatories

If your home and personal style lean more towards the traditional, then a more traditional style conservatory would probably work best for you. Victorian style conservatories, which combine a bay front, pitched roof and ornate roof ridge, offer timeless elegance. Edwardian conservatories provide a similar feel but offer more space. Orangeries also work really well if you’re going for a more traditional look. Using a lot of brickwork, these substantial structures are the perfect compromise between a conservatory and an extension.

Contemporary conservatories

For more contemporary homes, you can take advantage of today’s energy-efficient glazing to create a modern glass and aluminium structure that feels light and airy, and makes a real style statement. With large expanses of glass, this style of conservatory is perfect for today’s trend of indoor-outdoor living, offering unobstructed views out onto the garden. You can take this even further with sliding walls or bi-fold doors that provide a seamless link to your outside space. You could even opt for a retracting roof to really make the most of any hot summer days.

Conservatory materials

As well as the style of conservatory you need to think about what materials it will be constructed from. PVC is a great low-cost, low-maintenance option, or for a more high-end, personalised look, you could opt for a wooden or metal structure. Glazing can be taken from roof to floor, or you can choose to have traditional panes on a dwarf wall for a more solid look and better insulation. Meanwhile, a conservatory that is constructed primarily of brick (such as an orangery), or has a tiled roof, creates a space that looks like a natural extension of your home.

How will you use it?

The style of your home will no doubt influence the kind of conservatory you go for, but another key thing to consider is how you will use the additional space. If you just want a garden room in which to grow plants or provide a space for pets, a fairly basic conservatory will probably suit your needs. However, if you want a room that is a central part of your home and used by the family all year round, then it’s worth looking at more luxury conservatories that will provide you with the personalisation and ‘wow’ factor that you’re looking for.

When it comes to today’s conservatories, the possibilities are almost limitless. At Caulfield Conservatories we combine a bespoke approach with pioneering design to help you create a conservatory that is the perfect addition to your home.